Refik Anadol sells one of his works with NFT for $ 87k

Refik Anadol sells one of his works with NFT for $ 87k


A work of art prepared digitally by a Turkish artist named Refik Anadol was sold for 87 thousand dollars through NFT. The work, which was auctioned on a platform called Nifty Gateway, led to fierce competition, especially between the two NFT collectors.

A Turkish artist named Refik Anadol, who managed to gain worldwide fame by creating impressive art works, sold his work through NFT. The price of the sale carried out through the platform called Nifty Gateway, which is popular on NFT, was 87 thousand dollars. The work, purchased by a user named "Akira", is a clear indication that Turkish artists continue to be interested in NFT.

Refik Anadol's work, which sold for 87 thousand dollars, is based on a video. The work, produced entirely in a computer environment, is "a poetic sculpture", according to information contained in the Nifty Gateway. In this work, Anadol describes the data of the experience that people experience over a 24-hour period of time. The crystallized structures in the image you're about to see tell us about the users ' data.

The video in question led to a great competition between two users named" Richerd "and" Akira". Especially in the offers given after 50 thousand dollars, almost only these two users were present. Looking at the Nifty Gateway profiles of these users, we can safely say that both are almost NFT collectors.

This development is one of the clearest indicators that the NFT world will continue to grow. The increasingly digitized world is also paving the way for digital art, and Blockchain technology allows digital works of art to be signed and sold. If you can't get the NFT in your head, you can think of it this way; whatever the original Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci in the 1500s, the work purchased by Akira is the only original video signed by Refik Anadol.

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